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Invited user

You can be invited by one of the Capio customers to join a conversation. In this way Capio enables that both the foreign-languaged Capio customer and you can be sure your conversation is reliable and you fully understand each other, no matter what your locations are.

To become an invited user you need to download the ‘Invited user app’ on beforehand to your conversation. As an invited user you don’t need to register yourself to use the app or Capio service.

Download here the Invited user app for free (13,9 MB)

Requirements: IOS version 9.0 or higher

How it works for invited users

  1. Install the “invited user app” on your iPhone or Ipad in time before your conversation begins.
  2. Your interlocutor will send you the necessary entry code for the conversation by telephone call, e-mail, sms, or Whatsapp message.
  3. Copy / paste the code you received into your invited user app.
  4. You will directly join the conversation.
  5. Leave the conversation by ending the telephone connection.
  6. Keep your app installed for future usage.

You can use the free app as many times as you want in the future.

As an invited user, your company or yourself may be interested in using the Capio services to select interpreters for your own conversations with foreign-languaged interlocutors. Please send an e-mail for a request.