24/7 support of live interpreters
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As a customer

Capio Live Interpreters designed the Capio-app to install and use on your iPhone or iPad.
As long as you’re in 3G, 4G or WiFi enviroments it provides 24/7 language support in audio as well as video in just a few steps.
The selected interpreter of flesh and blood will use local aspects such as culture and traditions of your counterparts to help you getting your message through and proactively helps you to achieve your goals.

The application is free of charge and easy to install and use. Conversations will be charged per minute.
The Capio-app requires iOS version 9.0 or higher.
The Capio-app has been approved for distribution by iTunes Connect. Capio Live Interpreters chooses for direct distribution instead of distributing via the App Store in the current stage of our life cycle.

Your company or yourself may be interested in using the Capio services for your own conversations with foreign-languaged interlocutors. Please send an e-mail for a request.

Some example screenshots of the Capio-app:

APP - choose languages

APP – choose languages

APP - selection criteria

APP – selection criteria

APP - selected interpreters

APP – selected interpreters

APP - chosen interpreter

APP – chosen interpreter

APP - make appointment

APP – make appointment

APP - appointment list

APP – appointment list